September 12, 2006

Baby Gear At The Ferrari Store [sic] At Wynn Las Vegas


Last night I went to Wynn Las Vegas to meet some folks after dinner. How classy [sic] is Wynn? Well, there's a Ferrari Store--not just a showroom, a store--full of Ferrari logo merchandise. Almost all of it is available only at the store, and most of it seems to fall well short of the design standards I would ever associate with the Ferrari name. [Though there was one ribbed cashmere cardigan...$595...]

Anyway, the kids and baby section was almost comically underproduced and overpriced: $85 infant rompers in fleece that looked and felt identical to the cheapest of the swaddlers I'd just waded through for the last two days.

Now, I've known a few Ferrari drivers in my day, and they're not all epitomes of refinement and style by any means. But I'll wager [heh] that no Ferrari owner you'd want to be associated with shops in the Ferrari Store.

But if you're an unrepentant Ferrari fan looking to indoctrinate your kid, why not try making him a nice Magnum PI iron-on Onesie instead?

[PS Apologies for the crappy picture. There's freakshow-level security who got upset when I opened the camera phone. Also, everything is Ferrari red, not, as it appears, orange.]

ABC Kids Expo pictures with the daddytypes flickr tag

ferrari_rocking_horse.jpeg ferrari_trike_smoby.jpeg

update: Well, that took about 30 seconds. The Ferrari rocking horse in the background is called "La Mia Prima Ferrari," and it's 39,000 yen. The Ferrari Tricycle by French licensee Smoby is around $200.

[Previous Smoby goodness: the apparently discontinued Xtreme toy stroller-for-boys]


Is that a Ferrari rocking horse in the background?

[yes, the one I got busted trying to photograph. sorry. -ed.]

Holaa amigos,
Les escribo pq kiero saber donde puedo encontrar la carriola para bebe de ferrari. Espero k me ayuden
muchas gracias!

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