September 9, 2006

Judd Is In The Air: Swiss Nursery Furniture From Zewi & Bebe Jou


This line of nursery furniture from the Swiss company Zewi & Bebe Jou is called Denver, but it's so reminiscent of the sculptures and furniture pieces of minimalist sculptor Donald Judd, they might as well name it Marfa. [See, Judd built a giant minimalist art museum/shrine/installation on an old army base in Marfa, Texas and--sorry, art world joke. But seriously, Judd lived in Switzerland for a long time, too. And he IS kind of famous...]

I'm about 12 hours and counting from my first hands-on encounter with more Judd-inspired baby furniture, David Netto's new, more affordable Cub line, aka Ikea for people for whom [low] price is an object [of derision]. So stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, my own foray into Judd knockoffs--the kid's toddler bed--is gathering sawdust until I can get enough clear days in NYC to get out to the workshop. Yeah, so, uh, stay tuned for that, too...

Anyway, this Zewi Denver stuff is not extremely expensive--CHF770-990 [$US600-800] for the crib, CHF1350 [$1100] for the changing table/commode, and 1990 [$1600] for the wardrobe--until you have to ship it to the US. [ via kidsmodern]
Previously: Netto Cub-scouting

PS Can someone with an accent please explain this European fixation with gauzy crib draperies? Because it's almost been three years now, and I'm just not feeling it.



[in the alps? -ed.]

Love the Cub line -- where will we be able to buy it? Is it in stores yet?

[November, look at Giggle and maybe a couple of other high-end specialty retailers first. -ed]

i was just going to post what the first comment already says, mosquitos.
To go into more detail, European homes and apartments have no window screens, and generally no airconditioning, which means people leave the windows open all night in the summer and hello bugs.
I hate it, my mother in law says its because screens dont let the air in, i think she (and everyone else) didn't notice they have little holes in them!!

You and your child can relive the trauma of birth every night at home -- in your exact replica of a hospital delivery room.

Pick up some scrubs and one of those fancy lights at a medical surplus store and you're good to go.

That's just what I was going to say, looks like a hospital room.

Bet it smells like disinfectant, too! And alcohol and old people poop.


I must agree wit zee first comment. You zee, zee global warming has increazed zee numbers of mosquitos in parts of Northern Europe. We all eff to use zee gauze to keep out zee bugs.

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