September 7, 2006

Braniff Blanket By Alexander Girard


Airlines weren't always teh suck. To hear about it now, Braniff seems like a groovalicious disco paradise in the air. But then again, those geezers from Studio 54 act like it was the greatest thing before or since, too bad you missed it, sonny, so who knows?

Anyway, some stewardess swiped a Braniff blanket designed by Alexander Girard, saying it was to fend off the Minnesota winters. My guess is, she had a 40 years ago that people might be auctioning off their stuff on the Arpanet someday, and she'd better sock some good loot away to get ready.

If you've given up fighting the pink onslaught, this may be the old airline blanket for you. Or maybe you can get it for your little 21st century boy to crawl around on, then see what kind of psychedelic airplanes he starts drawing later on.

Braniff Int'l blanket in pink [make that PINK] and orange, auction ends Sept. 10, currently $26 [ebay]

9/12 update: it sold for $119.67+8.00 shipping.


My grandpa was a mechanic for Braniff years ago. I wonder if ol' grandpa had a groovy side none of us knew about?

Beautiful blanket.

What a nice surprise to see (my) blanket on a website. I was the high bidder on this great piece of art and it's currently laid out over a Nelson Sling 2-seat settee-another rarity.

[congratulations, and thanks for Googling by -ed.]

mom was an airline stewardess for braniff and we have two of those blankets, one pink and one orange but they're so FREAKING ITCHY they cant really be used.

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