September 6, 2006

When What You Love Isn't Necessarily Dangerous, Just Time-Consuming

Thanks for a lot of really thoughtful comments about the "died doing what he loved" post. I have to say, a real standout came from fellow not-so-extreme skier Jon, who not only writes at length about the "other side," [i.e, facing the possibility of becoming the single parent, which, fortunately, did not happen] he talks about sharing the things he loves to do with his family. Or not, you know, depending:

As Leta gets older, I’d love to teach her to ride a snowboard, but I’m not going to force it. And I think we’ll have a few years before it’s even a question. The point is, I’m trying to take something I love and share it with my family. If they dig, it can become a great family activity and a way to build memories. If they don’t, we’ll try to find other things to do together and we will go snowboarding less.
Fatherhood Made Easy(ish) [blurbomat]

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