September 6, 2006

Table & Chairs On eBay Are Cool, Vedel-esque, $500+


These cool, molded ply, children's chairs and play table are unmarked, but they're described by a mid-century collector/seller on eBay as "vintage Scandinavian." They definitely look similar to the pieces Kristian Vedel did for Orskov in the 1950's. Similar, but different. [Still, one of those Vedel chairs went for $463 on eBay in June.]

Starting bid is $349, plus a flat $150 shipping, so you'll need to be comfortable with your own expertise on mid-century design. That, or your threshhold for impulse furniture purchases should be above $500. Either way, they look nice and uncommon.

[update: as mentioned in the auction description, one of these chairs went for $700 at auction in LA in 2004, ie., bidding stopped at $600, plus the auction premium.]

Danish Modern Plywood childs table/chairs, starting at $500 shipped, ends Sept. 12 [eBay via mark at sparkability]
Previously: Niiice Kristian Vedel molded ply chair on eBay

9/12 update: with two bids, they ended up selling for $511+150 shipping.

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