September 6, 2006

Jon Stewart Pushes Unidentified Local Stroller

The grand NYC tradition of dads taking the kid for a walk at a once-unthinkably early hour on Sunday continues. From Gawker Stalker:

bugaboo_frog_orange.jpg28 W 23RD ST
Sep 3rd, 2006 @ 8am
Jon Stewart with his 2-y-o son at Home Depot. Looking low-key in a T, shorts & baseball cap. Pop dance music started playing over the PA & Jon did a funny, bee-bop dance as he pushed an empty, bright-orange stroller (store provided?). Son likes to walk.
The orange Bugaboo Frog shown here is purely for illustrative purposes, you understand. As are any links to Amazon where you can buy a wide selection of Bugaboo products. Or any advertisements from, say, where you can do the same.


Could have also been a BOB Revolution (

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