September 6, 2006

Heated Seats The Ultimate Ball-Steaming Machine?

I don't know about you, but when it comes to sperm production science, I prefer my revolutionary findings to be unburdened by citations, publications, and tedious explanationsn of methodology. And if possible, I like them roughly translated from a foreign language.

But to have them presented by a guy who's one letter away from being a punchline in a lame fertility test joke? That's too beyond. And yet...

Dr. Herbert Sperling, in advance of his upcoming urological conference in Dusseldorf, has announced that heated seats raise testicle temperatures an average of 3 degrees celcius [which is what, 20 degrees farenheit? 25?], resulting in lowered sperm count, and an increase in the number of slow and mis-shapen sperm.

"I think heated seats are a bigger risk than tight trousers," said Sperling.

Heated seats in cars blamed for low male fertility [dpa/rawstory via jalopnik]

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