September 5, 2006

HRH Haakon Crown Prince Of Norway Has Not, As Yet, Confirmed His Attendance

But a company called Mutsy USA, Inc. is on the exhibitor list for this weekend's ABC Kid's Expo in Las Vegas. Stay tuned. [via dt reader mark]

Previously: Mutsy coming to the US, Crown Prince Haakon still checking his calendar
By more or less Official Proclamation of HRH HCPoN: Mutsy Week on Daddy Types


update: Since bloggers only know how to read email, not, you know, pick up a phone, it is left to DT reader Michael to actually ring up the Mutsians who have set up camp in The Oranges [hey, sounds Dutch to me] and see what their top secret plans are.

Well, for one thing, they're not top secret. Turns out the "full spectrum of product lines" will be offered, starting with the Urban Rider in Joey and Sport. [or, as they say in Jersey, "black" and "red."] Mutsy'll roll for $699. And just like that, another would-be scoop bites the dust.


I cannot believe that my imported Mutsy is going to be just another in a sea of Mutsys strolling around my neighborhood.

Do we see a Quinny in your future, Kristin?

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