September 4, 2006

Sweet Vintage Creative Playthings Cloth Cubes


Fredun Shapur's [1] sweet graphics are reason enough to get these vintage Creative Playthings Cloth Cubes. The fact that they're in good, playable condition and come with the original box, too, is just gravy.

Of course, before you let your little design snob-in-training chew on those bad boys, you might want to consider some kid-friendly, non-persistent disinfecting technique, like, I don't know, microwaving or chemo. Who knows what could be growing in 35-year-old gravy?

Vintage CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS Soft Cube Foam BLOCKS w/Box, auction ends Sept. 10 [ebay]
Search for other Creative Playthings or Fredun Shapur stuff on eBay [ebay]

[1] Who? There's hardly any info online about Shapur, who also did toy design for Naef, including these awesome stitching/sewing ponies. They're both sewing cards AND toys! There used to be camels, lions and sheep, too, back in the day, but now only the ponies run free. []


Great to see these online!
Fred is my Father

I have a doll designed by fredun shapur its called "Amanda Jane" and was made in 1965 there is one in the museum of childhood part of the V & A and it blue, the one I have is terracotta in colour. and that all I have found out and was wondering if you or anyone else knows anything. your

Hi Ben, there;s no info out there about that doll, but I saw one in the museum of childhood too.
I would like to see a picture of yours if you still have it?
Many thanks

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