September 4, 2006

New Stokke Xplory Car Seat Adaptor

xplory_car_seat_adapter.jpgSee? Everything you wish for in the baby gear industry will turn up, it just takes two years.

The folks as Stokke are introducing car seat adaptors for the Xplory. There'll be both Graco and Peg Perego adapters for the US/NA market, but they'll only be forward compatible with new Xplory chassis. [What, you current Xplory owners were apparently happy enough without it, so what's the problem? None. My point exactly.]

I love how this Peg is cantilevered out in space; it really stays true to the Xplory's ship's prow theme. It looks wildly precarious, and yet it must have a Nordically insane amount of stability and safety testing behind it. [Answers the question of how they pass the long, dark winters: by tip-testing thousands of car seats.]

This and other Stokketastic news--including more round bedding options, be sure to thank little Shiloh NJ-P for those next time you see her--was leaked to Sheri at the Magic Beans store blog, or actually, it was in mentioned in a Stokke retailer newsletter in advance of the ABC Kids Expo, which Sheri got permission to publish. There's one less scoop I'll be getting in Las Vegas this weekend... [sigh, not bitter] I know, I'll ask about the Maxi-Cosi adapters.

Here Comes Stokke


OMG, I am so excited that Stokke is making car seat adapters. I just got an Xplory which I TOTALLY LOVE but whose only drawback is that it's not compatible with our awesome Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix. But I hope they come out with it soon, because my daughter will be outgrowing the car seat in about 5 months or less....

I'm looking for a car seat adapter for my Stokke stroller to fit a Recaro Young Profi Plus car seat. I've no ides if any of the others will fit - the that came with the pram doesn't!

Does this car seat adapter work with any car seat?

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