September 4, 2006

Baby-Dangling Croc Hunter Killed In Freak Stingray Accident


TV personality and wild animal wrangler Steve Irwin, shown here in 2004 dangling his plump, 1-month-old, chicken-sized son during a Crocodile feeding show at his animal park, has died while diving on camera, off the coast of Australia. He was swimming alongside a stingray, when the animal got spooked, turned, and pierced Irwin's heart with his stinger.

Irwin is survived by Bob, now 2, wife Terri, and daughter, Bindi Sue, 8, who was named after the family dog, Sui. Sui died in 2004.

Croc Hunter's stingray death caught on film [ via waxy]


Yeah, let's not remember Steve Irwin for the millions of dollars he has given towards conserving wildlife and habitat. Or for his obvious adoration for his family and friends. And God forbid we remember him for the millions of children he has inspired to help make the world a better place for all living things. No, no, no...let's remember him for one mistake in judgement.

I hope that the world doesn't remember YOU for the mistakes you've made.

[ugh. give me a break. As a dad, I'm really bummed to imagine how sad this is for his family and his kids, but anyone who clamors for publicity to the extent he did--and who used his own kid in that pursuit--is absolutely open to public criticism. -glass house ed.]

While not a fan of the man, I still am quite saddened by the incident. A father has left his wife and young children. Sad, very sad.

I personally think the Croc Hunter was great. Yeah, he made some bad decisions - but come on, he's obviously one of the few celebs that actually stands for something like wildlife preservation.

it's too bad you had to take the low road with your post. steve irwin has done a hell of a lot more for the world than you ever will. just another example of why bloggers aren't on the same level as journalists.

as a regular reader, I definitely feel let down by this.

Sad... just really, really sad...

Dude, as long as you're now considered to be on a level far, er, different than a journalist, does this mean we'll get to see the YouTube of his last film?

[quiet, you... -ed.]

Actually, I believe that Bindi Sue was named for a crocodile and a dog. Bindi was Steve's favorite croc. They showed her birth on the Croc Hunter marathon on Animal planet Sept. 4th

i know nothing of this man, other than he sorta reminds me of tupac. you know, when tupac used to yell/rap at Biggie's posse: "FIVE SHOTS COULDN'T DROP ME!!"? well, looks like shot number six did the trick.

[i-- yow. should I send all my drivebys to Brooklyn? -ed.]

well, if i had been on record saying how into drivebys i was, yeah, you sending them my way would be appropriate. my point was not that he (or tupac for that matter) "got what he deserved." i don't believe that for a nanosecond. but given the way he lived (and the risks he willingly assumed), no one should be all that surprised at how things turned out. i feel bad for his family.

everyone that is talking bad about him you can fuck your self and die because hes a great and caring person so dont talk about him like that even if he made a few bad deccion's in his life.

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