August 30, 2006

Two Trojans, And They Still Get Pregnant

USC Heisman Trophy winner and new Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart and his former [at least] girlfriend, USC basketball playing Junior Brynn Cameron are reportedly expecting a child in November.

Leinart described Cameron as his girlfriend in 2005, but he was also rather prominently seen taking the taxi ride of shame from Paris "STD" Hilton's house this past May. May...November... Well, now that seems a little awkward.

As one commenter on Deadspin put it, "He'll fit right in as a cardinal QB, no protection."

Matt Leinart Has Himself Some Swimmers [deadspin, plus the confirmation here]

1 Comment

This sounds horrible horrible horrible, but it's about time a cute little blond chick was knocked up by a hunky all-American hottie football boy. Seems like this type of situation is always happening to...well, I think you know what I'm trying to say without me trying to stumble throught the right PC words to say (which I don't think there are). Maybe their situation will make some preppy little sorority sister at some uppercrust east coast school think twice about safe sex since she always thought "it couldn't happen to me."

[maybe you're trying to say that along with an Escalade and a 50" flatscreen, a random baby momma is must-have accessory in the NFL? -ed.]

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