August 30, 2006

Two Trojans, And They Still Get Pregnant

USC Heisman Trophy winner and new Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart and his former [at least] girlfriend, USC basketball playing Junior Brynn Cameron are reportedly expecting a child in November. Leinart described Cameron as his girlfriend in 2005, but he...
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Sesame Street "Jazzy Spies"

A decade before there was Pointer Sisters pinball, there was "Jazzy Spies." Named after the ten spies who opened their coats to reveal numbers 1-10 at the end, "Jazzy Spies," or "Jazz Numbers," was the trippy animated counting series...
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The Juvenilizing Evolution Of Mickey Mouse

In 1978, Stephen Jay Gould theorized that Walt Disney and his animators gradually discovered what it took evolutionary psychologists decades to prove: that baby-like features and proportions elicit an "automatic surge of disarming tenderness" in adults: The brain grows...
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Dialectics For Kids

In the remarkable new film Half Nelson, Ryan Gosling stars as Dan Dunne, an idealistic history teacher in Brooklyn who might have more luck finishing that children's book on Hegelian dialectics if he wasn't spending all his free time passed...
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Democrats Wish They Controlled The House, Just Like Mommy

The illustrations in Jeremy Zilber's Why Mommy Is A Democrat are an adorable little family of squirrels, but they might as well be fish in a barrel:Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like Mommy does. Democrats...
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