August 24, 2006

Instant TV For Your Kid

Damn you, Bloglines. I've been poking around for a couple of months, trying to find a slick way to compile all the video links we use into a single, ready-in-one-click spot, so you can--or I, frankly--can find just the video to help entertain, distract, or mood alter the kid.

Had I only seen his sidebar, I would have known that weeks ago, Dutch compiled a giant, awesome, quick-n-dirty looking link list of kid-friendly video clips, that's about 99% of what I've got, and then some. I bow in awe to the YouTube master.

Dutch's Ultimate Anthology of Televised Toddler Entertainment [sweetjuniper]


thanks for the link, greg. i found a sesame clip that i've been searching for forever (it's about milk). brought tears to my eyes. with all these vintage videos available now, it got me thinking about memory...the media we remember from our childhood and how we feel when we see it again after 30 years. crazy.

That link is an *awesome* resource. Thanks! Future road trips just got a lot easier.

Did you know you can use new shareware called TubeSock to rip those YouTube videos to iTunes and video iPods? It's at

...and it was coded by an awesome daddy-type, too, a friend of ours.

- L

[sounds awesome. I was wondering what kind of satellite internet connection you were planning on using for that youtube-filled roadtrip... -ed.]

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