August 23, 2006

Nice "Good Daddy" Card


Hmm. I just realized I have no category for thoughtful, well-designed paper products and stationery. Is this "You wear 'daddy' well" card from Paper Mama considered gear? Because it does have a picture of a dude with a Bjorn and a Skip*hop diaper bag on it [or is that a Jack Spade?]

Either way, this isn't the kind of thing you can really be buying for yourself. And I gotta say, it might be even odder to give one to another dad. But if you were to get one of these cards from someone, you'll probably get all choked up on the inside while you pretend to blow it off. And that's fine.

Daddy card, $3 [papermama via coolmompicks]

1 Comment

Thanks for the shout out daddytypes! I def vote "yea" for the stationery category addition.

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