August 22, 2006

What Do You Make Of This? There's A Nurseryworks Sale At Sparkability!

You may want to hold off on determining the nursery color scheme, at least until you take a look through the Nurseryworks cribs, changing table, and storage furniture that Sparkability's selling for 35% off the normal retail prices. [Example: a $920 platform crib for $598.] They're all sweet and new, just in discontinued colors or finishes, most of which have Polo Paint Collection-like names for otherwise familiar colors: slumber=cream, tisket=green, snow=white.

Sparkability Crib Sale [via happy customer chris, actually, who only sent in the tip after he got his colors]


Thanks for the tip!!!! I saved an additional 10% using this coupon code sff0806 at checkout.

not worth it. ours is completely falling apart. we have had it 19 months, and i have been trying to keep it all fitting together for 10 of those.

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