August 21, 2006

Dad Makes Modern Alphabet Flashcards


Gregg Chinn made these sweet modernist alphabet cards for his daughter, who's three. Now that he's proved their effectiveness at instilling alphabetical and modernistical knowledge ["B is for Bauhaus," "J is for Jet Age," "M is for (duh) Modern," "V is for (what appears to be) Vernacular," &c.] he decided they're safe for sale to the general modernist public. Did I mention they're modern?

Modern Alphabet Flashcards by Gregg Chinn, $25 + $5 s/h [ via coudal]


whaaaat? how could E not be for Eichler!?!?!

Nah, "E" should be for "Eames". Every modern parent knows that....

I thought it was "E for expensive"...

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