August 18, 2006

Copenhagen Airport: Except For All The Free Strollers, It's Just Like US!

copenhagen_airport_stroller.jpgSo you want a free stroller but you're not a celebrity? No problem, just fly through Copenhagen, Denmark. The airport provides free strollers for use in the transit areas, so you can shuttle between the giant children's play area and its "huge pirate ship sailing in a sea of plastic balls," and the multiple baby changing rooms.

According to DT reader Jonathan--who I'm sure did not freak these folks out when he snapped this photograph:

...the seat could change from lying flat to tilting to straight backed. Not that all my trips revolve around other peoples strollers, especially as deciding which of our strollers is suitable for each trip involves a great deal of calculation. I just wish I had taken a snap of the absolutely huge pram-type strollers that dominate the cobbled streets over there. But I was too busy trying to save the kid in his Zapp from being crushed.
Which raises a good point. If your country's strollerscape consists primarily of giant steel wagons the size of an American grocery cart, flying with your own rig isn't even up for discussion.

Copenhagen Airports: Travelling with children

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