August 17, 2006

Though Cute, "Friendly Danish Stereotype" Clothing May Complicate Your Transracial Adoption

danefae_viking.jpgDanefae makes "simple, non-branded, and handy graphics-based objects of desire for charmed visitors, good-natured residents, and sticky-pawed toddlers. All inspired by friendly Danish stereotypes and placed on a simple range of basic, solid products whose quality won't let you down."

What are "friendly Danish stereotypes?" I worried unnecessarily. It just means vikings, mermaids, and herring. Of course, I would have thought that "non branded" meant not having a drawing of said viking covering my kid's entire body, either, but hey. As they say, it's the little differences.

Danefae children's clothing, including this signature viking print bodysuit, are available in a bunch of Danish shops and precious few stores elsewhere. [ via kidsmodern]

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except the vikings raped and pillaged, mermaids lured sailors towards the rocks and a red herring is a whole 'nother story.

[yeah, there is that... and we're still too chicken to let the kid anywhere near an actual fairy tale yet, either. -ed.]

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