August 16, 2006

Somewhat Tangential Links II: No More Diaper Sausages!

  • Do I feel bad that their honey-covered kid was eaten by a Grizzly? Sure. Does that mean I let them off the hook for writing so many damn awful books? No way: The History of the Beloved Children's Book Series The Berenstain Bears [mcsweeney's via goldenfiddle]
  • Just because Elvis did it doesn't make it cool. Toilets are responsible for at least 4 drowning deaths a year among children under 5. So take a moment on this, the anniversary of Elvis's death, to remember never to leave your child alone in the bathroom. And then look at these crazy Graceland groupies. [google video via gf]
  • Meanwhile, he may be on the street, but at least this King has his health. [luna via gf again]
  • So if I link to Heather's very personal, sensitive, and thoughtful review of The Ghost in the House, will it make my previous, blind criticisms seem any less self-centered and unproductive? Probably not? Yeah, didn't think so. [dooce on alphamom]
  • Could the NY Times guy be any more in love with the giant Mercedes GL? "Creamy" AND 15mpg? Let's all get one! [nyt]


    And that GL is "competitively priced at $55,675"!!

    Again, why do I keep coming back to this blog when I'm so clearly out of my league? Greg, would you have posted a review about a Pontiac?

    [sarcasm, lee. lee, sarcasm. -ed.]

    Yes, I know you were being sarcastic. But my point is still the same...your blog contains numerous references to Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, etc. with nary attention paid to lesser cars.

    I come here for the usually excellent dialogue on parenting issues and hate feeling that I don't qualify to be in your exclusive club.

    Then again, as a mom, I suppose I should have been disqualified long ago!

    p.s. The NYT use of the word "creamy" did freak me out a bit.

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