August 16, 2006

Enabling Your Cross-Dressing Child


DT reader Andy writes in about a subject I've taken note of myself lately: little girls' underpants. I was taking the laundry out of the dryer the other day when it suddenly dawned on me that for the foreseeable future, our largely monochrome laundry would have these little bursts of rainbows and colors all through it, like a wearable bowl of Lucky Charms. But anyway, on to Andy's question:

Burning issue of the day: My 3 yr old daughter loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and she isn't the only female to [do so]. Why then does Thomas underwear only come in brief form (i.e., for boys)? She doesn't mind wearing them, of course, but she's a little confused about the Y shape on the front.
Such a simple question, such a complicated answer. I was going to look in my Dora The Explorer backpack for some other examples of this. But I couldn't, because--oh, that's right--they don't make Dora stuff for boys.


I hate to admit it, but I am a little confused about the 'Y' shape in the front, too.

Do they expect us to weave it through there when we need to go?

We were at a playgroup this morning and Roo was coveting a little boy's Diego t-shirt. Stalking him, almost. I haven't seen any Diego girl clothing items. (Not that I would necessarily buy them for her, since her sartorial taste is still dictated by iron-fisted mommy.)

I saw some Diego boys briefs listed on Ebay a while back and was contemplating how cute boy underpants looked on girls back in the 90s but I don't think I need to lay that on her just yet. At least not until potty training is over and done with...

Just tell her the little "y" is for decoration. Because like Kaz said, does anyone actually use it anyhow? Let her keep rockin' the thomas undies.

Funny, just wrote about looking for The Pumpkin's first underwear on my blog (she's barely starting potty training, but I like to plan ahead)--not only can your little girl choose between briefs, bikinis, low-rise and boy-leg-shorts, but she can even get them with the freakin' Bratz on them! :( Can there be anything more wrong?

[they could be Bratz thongs... -ed.]

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