August 14, 2006

Vaya Con Brio, My Darling: Awesome Brio Grow High Chair

Some posts around here are the "click and buy now!" kind, and some are the "stare and drool, and put off your purchase decision a little while in hopes of more information" kind. This is the latter.

Brio, the Swedish maker of sweet, sweet wooden toys, is introducing a small collection of baby furniture, and if the rest of it is this cool, it will, um, be very cool. [I may be hype, but I can't hype. Sorry.]

The Brio Grow high chair has an ergonomic seat [which I take to mean it's comfortable, even if it looks unabashedly modern], a removable safety bracket, and a simple chromed base that looks more American mid-century modern [think Eames tables and Bertoia chairs--and the new Ooba Nest bassinet, for that matter] than classic Scandinavian [though there is that Saarninen Womb Chair...]

Anyway, it looks great. The line includes a crib [Colour, available in green, pink, red or white] and a playtable and chairs. More pics to come as soon as I find them. There's no information on availability, but if Brio's spelling of "Colour" is any indication, I'll bet you're going to have to import them to the US yourself.

Brio Grow High Chair [ via dt reader/advertiser Mark at Sparkability, designshark Jan from, and How's that for overnight buzz?]
Brio's website doesn't mention any furniture yet, and their European Nursery Group subsidiary doesn't mention anything newer than 1997, it seems [,]

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BTW - The Saarinen Womb Chair is American, not Scandinavian - Eero was a bonafide 'merkin as was Florence Knoll who he designed the chair for. Not all Midwesterners are called Frank.

[next you'll be telling me Herman Miller was Dutch. -ed.]

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