August 14, 2006

Sweet Nanna Ditzel High Chair


Meanwhile, crossing that bridge from Malmo to Denmark...

Way back in the day, when you couldn't find Nanna Ditzel's classic Trissen toadstool tables and chairs in America with a truffle-hunting pig, I heard rumors some amazing store in the Village had just opened and might carry them. Sure enough, on my first pilgrimage to kid-o, they had a display model right in front.

Surprised as I was, I guess, at meeting someone who knew Ditzel's children's furniture, Lisa Mahar ushered me into the back, and opened a box that had just arrived: she drew a pristine oak Nanna Ditzel high chair out of the packing peanuts, and it was good.

Haven't seen one since or heard a peep about it anywhere, until I just spotted a pair of them for sale at Baxter & Liebchen, aka Brooklyn's Danish Furniture Warehouse. They date from 1955, and there's one with a vinyl seat cushion and leather leg strap, and one like Lisa's, with just a wooden crossbar. Pricing is somewhere between the Stokke Kinderzeat [$199] and the Jean Prouve wall unit I should've bought back in the dotcom days [now $100 million].

Above, B&L's posterchild demonstrates the Ditzel Dismount, a tricky move that the CPSC banned from all Kidalympics competition in 1973.

1955 Nanna Ditzel High Chair
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