August 14, 2006

Recipe For Playdough And/Or Disaster

My mom just sent the kid a brick of homemade Playdoh [or should I say non-trademarked Playdoh-like clay] and a recipe for more. Here it is:

2 cups, water [with a few drops of food coloring]
2 cups, flour
1 cup, salt
1/2 cup. cornstarch
2 Tablespoons, vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon, alum

Directions: Add food coloring to water. Mix all ingredients. Cook over medium heat until thick and firm. Remove from pan and knead until smooth. Makes 3 cups. Keeps for weeks in the fridge and can be used many times.

No mention of how to get it out of a flokati carpet. [Thanks, mom!]

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I've made homemade "playdough" several times and I always use less water, and no alum. It keeps in a "tupperware" even unrefrigerated for about a month, until things either get too dried out or rancid. Also I have found cooking it to be optional.

Food coloring works well, though when I tried to use a cranberry-based natural red dye, I got flesh-toned (like fake plastic caucasian flesh) cranberry-scented dough. Not appetizing.

Flokati idea.

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