August 14, 2006

Blood Sugar Cheerios Magik

Sheesh, was it really so long ago that the Cheerio plane needed a place to land, open wiiide?

the kid this morning: Daddy, I finished my Cheerios all up and now they're in my tummy and my BLOOD is taking them to my toes and then they turn into poo and come OUT my butt.


Greg, the boy's been slow to talking hear, and everyone says to be careful what I wish for and that once they start...

I can't wait for comments like that to come out of Cobalt's mouth. They already come out of his butt.

That's pretty impressive. If I ask my daughter if her food is "yummy in your tummy?", she responds with, "no! in mouth, daddy!"

Although, I guess she is technically correct since taste buds are in the mouth, not the stomach...

[kids are such sticklers. When we were visiting my mother, I had her and my sister staring at me during lunch while I apparently did an overelaborate play-by-play of the meal for the kid. My mom goes, "Now I see why she talks so much." -ed.]

Greg, your kid summarized how I feel when eating Cheerios. Stomach, blood, feet, butt. Maybe they could turn it into a jingle.

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