August 11, 2006

Tente Smiles Casters: Happy Shiny Movable Nursery Furniture


One of the most important decisions you'll ever make in your kid's life is what kind of knobs, drawer pulls, and curtain rod finials you'll put in his room.

At least that was the sense I got walking through the nursery furniture section of Buy Buy Baby for the first [ten] time[s]. And yet, I was confused, unconvinced. "Why in the world does a kid's room have to have themed knobs everywhere?" I thought to myself, "it just makes no sense."

Until now, I chalked it up to one more mystery of childbirth that were closed off to me, like the Ring of Fire. Well, now I realize that my unease was just a gnawing, unspoken desire for completeness.

When I was saying, "Why the hell would you put themey knobs all over the kid's room?" what I really meant, deep down, was, "Why the hell would you put themey knobs in the kid's room but then leave those boring, generic casters on there? Or WORSE, have furniture that doesn't even move around at all??"

Now everything makes perfect sense.

Tente Smiles :-) Casters you can love [ via, thanks dt reader deanne]

1 Comment

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure why our crib has casters on it. I think they were useful once, when we were trying to get the cat out from under there and there was no broom handy.

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