August 9, 2006

Once You Have Mac...The Carbon Fiber & Leather Maclaren


Warning: excessive-praise-for-a-$1,000-stroller alert! Contents may be hazardous to anti-consumerists, easily offended Marxists, and the principled poor.

The carbon fiber and black leather Maclaren is out, and it looks awesome. Maclaren introduced the black frame on their Burberry edition, but the coolness of the frame could not make up for the overwhelming dilettantishness of the check. [Seriously, we've had enough fun. Now put that stuff back inside your dad's raincoat where it belongs. It's like hoarding Nieman Marcus bags or something.]

Now there's another option for a black Mac, sheathed in carbon fiber. It's not clear that there's any structural or functional benefits from the carbon fiber skin; you can pretend it's to offset the added weight of the leather-lined seat, though. In reality, I think it's purely for design, and you know what? That's just fine with me.

The fashion designer Maclarens are priced in a way that can force a fabric vs functionality, women vs. men tradeoff. At $1,000, the Maclaren CF6506 isn't being compared to anything, and there are not tit-for-tat tradeoffs. People will buy it purely on its own terms, as a subtly distinct variation on a well-known quantity. It's understatment pretty much thwarts the "look at me! I have a $1,000 stroller!" crowd. But like a debadged AMG Mercedes on the Autobahn with a twin exhaust and slightly flared wheel wells, people who follow such things will recognize it when it blows by them. So it's win-win!

It's on sale at Target, believe it or not.


"Principled poor" - That sounds so much better than "flat broke"!!

I'll show this post to my friends and family and remind them that I'm *only* asking for the oh-so-modest-in-comparison Triumph for Christmas

(and I'm only asking because people couldn't be bothered to listen to me when I was pregnant and got me a fugly Graco instead, which I'm debating selling on craigslist so maybe I can go halvsies on the Triumph to sweeten the deal...)

That link didn't work for me. It is on the Target website, though.

I'm holding out for the pleather version.

i couldn't help but notice that the target ad touts this being from the "red hot shop." red hot for sure! ....on the baby's tender little bottom on a hot summer day! oh, and stiff icy cold in the winter. real clever, maclaren!

Marxism aside, I'd think that the black leather would scorch a little one's wee buns off on a hot day.

Pretty and expensive is as pretty and expensive does.

Because I'm in hot wet Florida, I look at that stroller and all I can think is OUCH! Can you imagine what the temp. of that bad boy would be after sitting in your trunk for a few hours!

3 words...
Hot, sticky, slippery!
Nough said!!!

Lol. Now I'm not a Bugaboo fan as you know, but I can at least respect the idea of spending that much on something so diverse that can be used many different ways when a person can afford it. However, spending $1000 dollars on an umbrella stroller... simply because it comes in leather is just absurd! I can't believe it's anymore comfortable (I don't think leather seats in cars are particularly comfy) and I wouldn't want to be the poor sweaty kid sitting in it!

It looks like something someone would use on "take your daughter to the office day" it would fit right in with all the rest of those office type leather, non-inviting looking seats.


Did they use actual carbon tubes, or just skin the standard aluminum ones? Because the former would be usefully light and cool, and the latter would be just stupid. I also fear that the ricer crowd has pretty much ruined carbon fiber for most consumer products.

[he says as I throw a blanket over the new hood on my Scion... -ed.]

Dude, I've been waiting for a stroller that wouldn't clash with my kid's sith lord costume!

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