August 9, 2006

Not-Ugly Dolls From House Of Ingri


The supercute cast of stuffed vinyl animal characters from the House of Ingri have big, expressive South Park eyes. Even the sad/weary/skeptical-looking ones are huggably cute. Unfortunately, their small parts and non-chew-resistant naugahyde means these toys must carry the "ages 5 and up" disclaimer.

But that's alright, because they hail from Williamsburg, where the demographic distinction between "5 and up" and "25 and up" [technically, it's "25 and up to 30, no, 32, wait, 35"] was waived long ago, and where having a kid of your own is now the perfect excuse for buying the $80 snugglemuffins you used to just buy for yourself.

me_me_abc.jpgWhile conscientious parents will only let their kid near their precious Ingri toys once the teething phase is past, it's up to the previous generation--the boomer grandparents--to make Marti, Tito, Moki & their friends truly safe for infant consumption: in book format!

When children's author Harriet Ziefert went to visit her new grandchild in Williamsburg, she found Ingri dolls all over the place, just waiting for a chokeproof brand extension. The result it Me! Me! ABC, a modern-day alphabet boardbook with House of Ingri characters throughout. Given its Billyburg provenance, I'm guessing that "C is for Co-sign for me!" "D is for DJ with me!" and "U is for Underwrite me!"

House of Ingri naugahyde vinyl dolls, $80
Buy Me! Me! ABC! on Amazon [amazon]

PS House of Ingri also created some limited edition vinyl clouds, which are available exclusively at Exploding Dog []


For some reason, these reminded me of the plush dolls made by Giant Microbes ( I'm not sure what ages they're approved for, but they do cost a lot less than $80. :)

[they're like $8 or something. completely different vibe, though. we have a few microbes, they're like Beanie Baby-scale. -ed.]

They look cool. But not $80 cool. Maybe not even $40.
$25-35 - yes, I would buy them all and start a farm.

Hmm... well as far as I can see we have a very distorted version of Curious George, ET, and well, that there on the end is quite possibly me on my first Halloween.

They are pretty entertaining, but I agree, no where NEAR $80 worth. I'd pay maybe $5 a piece in a consignment shop after the little alien scares the crap outta someone's kid.

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