August 8, 2006

Tuss: It's Swedish For Awesome, Minimalist Baby Clothes


More news from the Bubble. Actually, tuss stands for 'the ultimate simple solution,' an English acronym for a Swedish company. Call it what you want, it works.

Tuss was started [say it with me] two years ago in Stockholm to create clothes for babies and kids that are "minimalistic in color and design, with a timeless yet contemporary feel where the Scandinavian traditions of functionalism and simplicity are visible."

tuss_dress.jpgAnd that's just what they do; the stuff looks simple but gorgeous. It's almost all black, white or grey. To a guy who can remember when the only black baby clothes around were either from American Apparel had giant, orange pumpkins stitched on the front, tuss is a freakin' miracle.

The studied plainness of tuss actually reminds me of muji, but when you factor in the quality and the small-scale production runs, it's more like muji-meets-Jil Sander. Early Jil Sander, from the pre-Prada debacle. But it's all for kids. And babies.

It's not cheap; the krona prices work out to around $25-35 for babies, and $50-70 for kids, and $100+ for cashmere/cotton. But cheap and Swedish isn't available in black & white, only blue and yellow.

Before you say it, I'll say it for you. Obviously, it's possible to go a little too Sprockets with a kid. But realistically, the only ones at risk are the children of over-Sprocketed parents, and they're beyond our help, anyway.

Tuss minimalist clothing for children []
As Gus & Moms points out below, Babygeared has PJ's and cashmere/cotton hoodies. []

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It's already at babygeared - not under collections, but if you click on Attire and Baby Staples, it's there... in (dare I say it) Black and White...

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