August 8, 2006

More News From The Bubble: Salvor Fauna Printed Matter


One of the biggest booths at Bubble New York was from Salvor, a New York based designer [? collective?] whose silkscreened products have a very sweet, instantly recognizable style. They're all/almost all photography-based images of animals, which are single-color screened onto t-shirts, pillows, and, oddly, balsa wood tiled wall hangings.

They're a nice mix of hand- and machine aesthetic, and they're available online at Areaware, as well as at Velocity Art & Design, Design Public, and early DT advertiser Mimmo Baby

Salvor, Salvor Fauna []


whoa, I made a shirt for my kid almost identical to the one of the pigeon from a photo I took a few months ago.

All I did was white out the background, make it b&w, and then increased the brightness and contrast. It was easy and cost less than a dollar for the shirt and the iron on.

I have the pigeon. My 18 month old daughter always laughs when I wear this shirt. Highly recommend.

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