August 8, 2006

Fetus Coasters

When I posted a mockup of a skate deck with ultrasound pictures on it, DT reader/skatechick Anna pointed out--rightly--that with every ollie and rail slide, you'd be sanding off your precious child's mug, and that's gotta have psychological implications down the line somewhere.


Far better to have a fetus staring up at you every time you crack open a drink, she said, by putting pictures from the ultrasound into some photoframe coasters. They're also a hit at parties.

Or weddings. Beatrice Gift Services sells glass photo frame coasters as wedding guest favors, for about $2/each, with shipping. []
Read Anna's fetus coaster story []


So every time you pick up your Tom Collins, you'll remember what having a little too much to drink might lead to...

D'oh! You took away the 'D' box, and now I am typing 'D' into the "http:" box!

[sorry, it turns out the 'D' box trick didn't work with the new software upgrade. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of new commenters are really excited about free ringtones and myspace profile designs. Must be the crowd from -ed.]

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