August 4, 2006

Speak To Me, Brotha Elmo

Tavis Smiley, or as he likes to be called, The Charlie Rose for Black Folk, talks to Kevin Clash, the man who spends his waking, working hours living inside Elmo's furry red head. Much mutual "my soul brother"-ing ensues. [Or is that only when Cornel West is on?]

Actually, I have no idea, because I can't open the realaudio file on my Mac.

'Sesame Street' Turns 35: Kevin Clash and Elmo []


You can get a plug-in for that... I'm sure I've played 'em on my Macs at home.

Kevin Clash is remarkably good looking for someone who is a professional puppeteer. I would have put puppeteers in the same category as those who have a "face for radio."

I actually envisioned the voice of Elmo as being someone very Jimmy Fallon-ish. Cute but annoying as hell. This guy doesn't seem (or look) particularly irritating.

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