August 4, 2006

Before I Forget, Here's A Plushie Puffin Entertaining Icelandic Children

Icelandic Independence Day as celebrated by a giant plushie puffin, via

I posted this to flickr when we got back from Iceland, but I'd meant to post it here, too. On the country's National Day, everyone showed up in Reykjavik to eat insane amounts of sugar [lollipops and cotton candy, that is] and then to get drunk. And listen to music.

This giant puffin and someone who I'm sure is very famous in Iceland were entertaining a plazaful of children, singing, "If you're happy and you know it" in Icelandic.

Also, take a look at the tube sock-like do-rags on the little girls up front. I eventually decided this was the Icelandic National Headgear. Like with so many other unfamiliar things, I started out thinking it was ridiculous, and I eventually came to like them. If anyone has some info on these lids, please let me know.

Plushie Puffin in the daddytypes photoset on flickr [flickr]

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