August 4, 2006

Awesome Blik + Threadless Mashup Wall Decals


I, for one, welcome our Blik overlords, who seem to be in a constant state of revolution in the contemporary wall decal market they revolutionized.

A couple of months ago, they threw a competition with Threadless, the of t-shirt design, and they selected two designs that work as both t-shirt and wall decal, and they put them into limited production.

Yeah, it sounds a little odd to me, too, like a gas grill/rocking chair combo, but walls are billboard-sized, and t-shirts are billboards of the soul, right? And anyway, the results speak for themselves:

happy_rain_blik.gif"7.00" is by letter, and I didn't like the trees-through-walls thing as much at first, but it's grown on me [pun, sorry.]

But the other winner, "happy when it rains," by stingerstyler, just has awesome nursery all over it. It's like Care Bears, but edgy, and without the saccharine. Kare Bearz.

You know what else is cool? seeing designs by artists with names like letter and stingerstyler selling alongside Eames and Haring.

Limited-run designs are $55-60 at The Threadless Shop at Blik [ via design*sponge]
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