August 2, 2006

C Is For Complete Loser

So I'm listening to the inaugural podcast over this morning, and I'm thinking, "Childhood obesity? Eh, maybe I'll skip to the toilet training segment..." just as the pediatrician guest says something about how "the four C's are cola, candy, chips, and cookies," when it occurred to me what the kid had just eaten in the last 20 minutes:

  • a bit of the caramels I'd left out near the A/C vent last night so they firm back up.
  • a gingersnap that she somehow spotted my wife dropping. into her purse as she was heading out the door.
  • five Cheerios. Podcast [ via dt reader/podcast star judy]


    So what's the problem? You are half-way there.

    Or.. was the pediatrician saying this is what NOT to give to your kids??

    How are our kids ever going to survive life as computer programmers if they don't learn early on how to survive on the 4 C's?!?

    They forgot to add "cheese" to that list... the kids go after cheese like a pack of hungry wolves.

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