July 31, 2006

How Special Is "A Very Special Advertisement," You Ask?

family_ties_pregnant.jpgYou may have noticed the ads now running amidst the posts on the newly moved daddytypes.com, the ones that say, "A Very Special Advertisement."

First off, yes, the title is a reference to the "a very special episode of Family Ties, &c." tradition, where a character [Daddy Types] confronts his addiction to a controlled substance [money] or his penchant for a vice [advertising], and in the process, learns an Important Lesson about life--and about himself.

Rather than just sell more ads, I thought it'd be interesting to experiment a bit, to see what some fellow dadbloggers might do with a space that's normally used by car companies and mortgage refinancers.

So I'm largely turning over the adspace to them, to use as an extension of or promotional vehicle for dadblogs. I see it as a more visually interesting blogroll, but I'm eager to see what kind of content and creative uses they come up with.

Thanks to some weekend Photoshoppers out there, the first few of these free "dadvertisements" are up and running, and more will be added to the pool as they come in. At the moment, the space is open only to non-commercial dadblogs, and besides technical specs, the only real constraints are that the ads not suck and that they not offend my wife. If you have or know a dadblog that should be in the rotation about, drop me an email for details.


I don't see any ads on the site (not that I'm honestly "complaining" about that, per se)...what gives? I'm running Firefox 1.5 and I do have Adblock installed, would that do it?

Hmmm, so your question is, "Would running Adblock block me from seeing ads?" I think, yes.

The ad images are located at another domain, called via an IFRAME tag. Maybe Adblock is withholding external objects, or you've customized Adblock with an overly broad filter string.

These dad ads are more compelling than a standard blogroll, but more are needed for variety's sake.

I've submitted my ad, finally, to increase variety. All my grand plans of a fancy, animated ad conflicted with, well, stuff they actually pay me to do, so I settled for a static jpg.

This is great, though, Greg. Thanks again!

I noticed you changed this from "dads" to "parents" so you could advertise babble on there... I just hope they don't have any greater odds of showing up that the rest of us! ;)

[yeah, it's an adswap for a little while. I heard there were entire sections of nerve.com devoted to daddytypes, so I thought it'd be a sweet deal -ed.]

I would love some ad space!

i'm not begging for ad space, I just want my comment numbers to go through the roof. Ha! Or, an ad might be cool.

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