July 28, 2006

After Luncheon, Arsonist Beats Out Four Others To Win Parent Of The Year

I don't really care one way or the other if one of this year's Parents of The Year, Nabil and Nargues Khalil, is a convicted arsonist.

What most interests me is how the revelation exposes the total self-serving BS PR scam that such "awards" represent. The Khalils were chosen as Parents of The Year by the Parent's Day Council, which is sponsored by the American Family Coalition, a political organization of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church.

The South Carolina director of the PDC, a master of understatement named Tim Murphy, described the selection process to The Sun News as "pretty informal": a nomination from a friend, a lunch meeting, a call to the Khalil's pastor, and that's it. They beat the four other couples in the running, and got a dinner, a plaque, and--and here's the whole point of the award from the organizers' standpoint--letters of congratulation from politicians, including GW Bush.

Parents of the year return honor after crimes revealed [myrtlebeachonline.com via dt reader ponch]

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I know parenting doesn't stop when your kids move out, but how much "award-winning" parenting is being done by a 61-year old to his three adult children; much less, when said 61-year old is busy playing with matches, convincing others to lie, and being disorderly?

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