July 27, 2006

No Manpurses Here, Fellas: Coolhunting's 12 Bags For Guys

Ami at Coolhunting.com has put together a list of greatlooking, high-function bags "to accommodate the gadget- (or diaper-)toting needs of the modern male. Jack Spade, Engineered Garments, and the Diaper Dude make the list, of course, but there are some surprises, including this crossover hit, in more ways than one:

Skip Hop Saddlebag
From the New York company devoted to making well-designed bags for urban parents, Skip Hop's Saddlebag has a briefcase-style handle and uses three straps to attach to the sides of strollers. It features mesh side pockets, a divided interior, and it's available in 15 different colorways’Äîwe chose pink camo in our ongoing effort to liberate the color from the female gender and for its oxymoronic pop.
Hmm, the link says 11 bags. Which one was so good they couldn't bring themselves to cut it?

12 Bags for Guys [coolhunting]
Skip*Hop saddle bag, $36 [skiphop.com]
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One of the reasons we bought a Skip Hop was that it looks like a normal bag that could be used way past diapers. I can't wait that long, though, so I'll be upgrading my army surplus for a Timbuktu or Reload sooner than later.

I picked up a college student on the bus last semester who was using a Skip Hop as a bookbag. I wonder what the changing pad was used for.

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