July 26, 2006

"I Want A Pony, Daddy. A Gucci Leather Pony."

gucci_leather_horse.jpg guccissima_leather_det.jpg

May that phrase never cross your child's lips.

Because the 85th Gucci limited edition pony, in "chocolate Guccissima [1] leather with chocolate leather trim," signature web and gucci 85th anniversary plaque is not available, at least on the website. But perhaps your Amex Centurion Card Concierge can track it down for you, in which case, it may cost more than the original $1,095.

[1] besides being a dangerously alluring candidate for a girl's name--don't do it!--Guccissima means "embossed with double G's"

85th Gucci Collection horse, $1,095 [gucci.com]

1 Comment

I wonder if they kill real pony's to make this..

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