July 25, 2006

Toy Portraits Wig Me Out

Regine posted a link to British artist Peter Jones' portraits of toy monkeys, which kind of creeped me out.


But not before reminding me of NYC artist Sarah Blackwelder's even more ominous paintings of stuffed animals, which seem totally fraught with uneasy lifeforce. Great work for the house, if not the nursery. This one's called Manny Awaits The Conductor's Cue.


Peter Jones on Monkeys, 2006 [fred-london via wmmna]
Sarah Blackwelder [sarahblackwelder.com]


Creeeepy. Wonder what kind of childhood they had...dark and sinister maybe?

When I was a teenager (okay, maybe like, eleventeen or twelveteen), I put a Bart Simpson action figure (okay, doll) in a scanner and came out with some awesomely creepy results.

I gotta dig that gif up. I'm sure I've got it on a floppy disk or my Mac SE harddrive...

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