July 23, 2006

gDiapers Now nytDiapers

gdiapers.jpgThe Aussie onslaught against America's vital landfill industry continues in stealth mode, and the media just stands there singing its praises.

gDiapers, the flushable diaper technology from Australia, got profiled in the hopelessly liberal NY Times Magazine today. The message: gDiapers are environmentally friendly, sure, especially compared to mountains of disposables, but that's not important. What's important is that they're cool--and that dads don't have to take them out to the trash.

Don't you see what's happening, people? The media is asleep at the wheel while our Landfills are under attack! And meanwhile, these Aussies are exploiting the fact that guys' would prefer to swizzle poo around the toiletbowl instead of huffing on a rancid Diaper Genie.

Silent Green [nytmag]
Buy gDiapers and kick a landfill owner while he's down be cool and popular! [gdiapers.com]
previous gDiapers mentions on Daddy Types, including the post they don't want you to see: "Now it's official--the 'g' is for 'Green'"


Your phrase "swizzle poo" just made my day.

the article makes the assumption that guys are changing diapers *and* taking out the garbage. i gander a majority are only taking out the garbage to start with. of *course* they're excited about gdiapers--now they get off scot-free!

[careful, there missy, them's fightin' words in these parts. -ed.]

I wish I could get my husband to "swizzle poo" - we're a cloth/disposable hybrid family which means cloth when mommy changes diapers and cloth when daddy does it, but only if she hasn't done #2 yet in which case he'll only do disposables.

I got accused of "gambling" last night by putting a cloth diaper on her when she hadn't done her daily #2 yet. Which of course meant she went #2 almost immediately and I was called in to swizzle the poo in the toilet because he refused to. I swear, sometimes he's more of a girl than I am!!

There is also am assumtion that Mommy isn't taking out the trash. In our house Mommy and Daddy have pretty much equal turns at both, especially now that we have ditched the nasty diaper genie and just take the diapers straight out to the trash can. Except one of our boys prefers to have Mommy change his poop diapers, nice. That being said, I think I prefer a trip to the trash can over poo swizzling and hopefully soon the point will become moot in our household.

I guess my DH is a keeper since he "swizzles poo" every day with our gDiapers! ;-)

Could anyone who uses these things give us an unvarnished review? My wife and I have a baby due in 3 months, and we're considering these gDiapers. How are they in terms of leaks and diaper rash issues (my wife's concerns--I'm basically sold already)? Thanks!

Despite the storm and fury, the disposables/cloth debate is over-hyped, because the overall environmental impact of either is rather small relative to everything else we do, and the actual *difference* in impact is even smaller. I think the most important thing one can do is avoid or reduce the use of chlorine in both cases.

Hey, Adam, I was considering doing just that over at my site eventually. I could hurry up the review now that I know there's demand.

I will say that we like them, but we do not use them religiously because they still aren't as convenient in some cases as disposable. But we really like the idea of not using disposable a lot. And we've tried cloth prior to gDiapers.

I guess a lot depends on how committed you are to the cause...

[wait, don't you mean, "it depends on how cool you want to be?" I'd suggest trying them out and seeing how they work and how the kid responds. We tested Huggies and Pampers, and later, 7thGen, to find what worked best for us. -ed.]

In Toronto, diapers are part of the green recycling program along with food scraps and wet paper.


If American cities did some waste planning, you wouldn't have to flush stuff down the toilet and into the East River.

Yeah, Andrew, you try getting this administration to do anything like that down here in the states.

I knew I should have been Canadian. Wichita doesn't even recycle glass anymore and we gave up curbside recycling because it costs money and there's less yard mess if we cart it to the plant ourselves. I wish we could be more eco-minded.


Thanks for mentioning the mentioning. All well in g Land:
World Diaper Domination is just moments away. I can taste it dab nab it.

Adam - there are more unvarnished reviews at babycenter.com. Kaz is bang on - they aren't for everyone but for those who get it into, they really get into it. Birth well and give me a hoy if you do decide to give them a swing.




[bang on comment, Jason, thanks for giving us a hoy -ed.]

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