July 23, 2006

Enzo, Yves. Yves, Enzo.


Turns out Yves Behar, known to everyone but readers of the New York Times as the designer of the new Calla high chair for Fleurville, has a thing for Enzo Mari's zoo puzzle.

The Wood Menagerie [nyt]
Buy Enzo Mari's "16 Animali" puzzle for $450 on Intermarche's eBay Store, for example.
Previously on DT: Enzo Mari's book of DIY furniture; Mari's awesome puzzles. Behar's Calla High Chair before and at the ICFF.

[Update: DT reader Elizabeth points out that DWR's got the Mari puzzles on sale for $330 while supplies last. ]

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FYI these puzzles are on sale at DWR for a little over $250. They have the fish one, too.

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