July 22, 2006

7-Up: The Un-Formula


Kaz hits the dadblog ground running with a think-outside-the-nipple solution to the whole breast milk-formula dilemma: 7-Up.

Apparently, it's "pure and wholesome for everyone, even the tiniest tots!" Who knew?

[via i hate snaps]


This is great! And with some parents, this view hasn't changed today: I know parents (boo, hiss!) who will give their kids Coke or Red Bull just as soon as a bottle.

[I cannot imagine intentionally giving one of these little buzzbombs caffeine. -ed.]

The only way our daughter gets caffeine is from chocolate.. and even that isn't very often.

My daughter (2 years old - but you'd know that if you clicked the link) once asked for some of my wife's black tea. My wife told her it was an "adult drink", but she kept insisting.

Finally, my wife said, "okay, but you're not gonna like it!" Of course, we've never been right once when telling my daughter this, and, as usual, she asked for more.

And no, we never gave her more.

(thanks for the link, Greg! and thanks for everyone that came over to check out the site. I hope it was interesting enough for you to check in now and then!)

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