July 21, 2006

Brooklyn Update: Tibetan Nannies Are The New Awesome

Finally, Amy Sohn has some useful information. [Sohn, of course, after getting herself knocked up, had to trade in her NY Mag sex columnist beat for the parenting one. It's been rough going, as you can expect--and as the whiny SAHM tirade she posted on her blog proves. But don't read it there, read the post on Mr Nice Guy, where he intersperses her flamebait with his own hilarious commentary]

Anyway, the useful info: Tibetan nannies. Apparently, they're great, so great, in fact, you'll want to pay them an extra $50/month: "We love our sitter so much we just bought her cable," says Sohn.

And that is where I have to disagree with Sohn's approach to parenting. I always thought the true benefit of having a Tibetan was their simple, pure, and meek spirituality, the fact that they weren't tainted by all that Western media claptrap. I mean, isn't the Dalai Lama awesome like that? So buying your Tibetan cable totally defeats the purpose; after all, it was TV that ruined the Bhutanese a few years ago.

Now THERE were some great nannies...

ok, so i took the bait [mr nice guy via otbkb]

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So is NY Mag saying the Mommytypes have nothing useful or interesting to say about sex? Are they implying that Moms don't have sex? Ok, so maybe they're right, but it's still rude to point it out.

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