July 20, 2006

Yes, That IS A Toilet Seat In My Suitcase, And Yes, I'm Happy To See You

We're about to fly cross-country with a toilet-training child who is growing wary/weary of diapers, which anyway seem to make her confused sometimes, not always sure if she's OK to go in her pants or not.

So after some discussion with the kid, we're opting for Pull-ups [or the Pampers equivalent, actually, since Pull-ups are Huggies, and the girls' Pull-ups have Disney Princesses all over them and are thus not allowed anywhere near either end of my child.]

But now the diaper bag is "the airplane bag," just so you know. And rather than run around strip malls in the desert, looking for a toilet seat we haven't tested, probably won't like, and won't keep anyway, I'm breaking out the 409 and packing our stark Starck ring for the trip. Which turns out to be a pretty fine piece of equipment after all, whatever its designer pretensions. The plastic is thicker and softer, while most other toilet seats I looked at were thin, hard, and cheap-feeling. Also, it has a rubber grip ring along the underside, so it stays in place no matter the size of the toilet seat it sits upon. Others that I've seen--including the Safety 1st one I bought for NYC and the folding ones I didn't buy--slip around.

So if anyone has any advice--it's probably too late for the plane itself, since we're leaving in an hour--on keeping the toilet training going while you're on the road, or while you're moving anywhere away from your homebase, by all means, let us know. Otherwise, I'll probably end up trying to teach her how to go like cowboys & indians on the side of the road.

Previously: Philippe Starck toilet from Target


Have a great vacation!

FYI - will it may not be as design conscious as your Starck ring, the Potette is great for travel. No 409 required.

Of course I meant "while", not will and here is a link. Easiest thing to use and kept training on track while traveling. It's also great in NYC b/c you just toss it in your diaper bag or under the stroller (it has a small carrying case) - instant potty no matter where you may be. I picked one up for $10 AT Buy Buy Baby. (No, I don't work for them).


The Pampers version of pull-ups has Dora. It's a losing battle.

We've flown with a little potty in a carry-on tote before. And at other times, a toilet seat in the suitcase. Security never gave it a second glance. Guess they've seen that one before.

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