July 20, 2006

One-Stop Corporate Brand Shop Launches. DT One-Word Verdict: Finally!


Really, what else can I say, but Thank You? Thank you, WithCharacter.com, for bringing exciting and popular licensed merchandise from so many hard-to-find brands and character portfolios--Dora, Blues Clues, Looney Tunes, Jeep, My Little Pony, Thomas, and so many more!!--all in one, easy-to-shop location!

Giant corporations are the caretakers of our consumerist culture. Without their wise and generous licensing endeavors, careful attention to the perpetuation of strict copyright laws, this nation's precious children would probably still be in the dark ages, playing listlessly with homemade toys of characters of their own, woefully limited imaginings and using plain furniture whose only feeble hope for distinctiveness derives from form, material, and function.

And where's the brand-extendability in that? Our brightest business school students shudder at the very thought.



Darn it! and they STILL cannot provide me with a Spongebob bath toy to replace the one my daughter had that got all... icky.

I don't know how long we can continue to tell her Spongebob is on vacation, visiting Patrick.

We may have to give up bathing her.

Finally! The one-stop answer to "What's your theme?"

Oops. My head just exploded.

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