July 19, 2006

Turn The Other Cheek So I Can Smack That One, Too

A New Zealand Christian "Guide to Smacking". Somehow, I think I got the quotes in the wrong place let me try that again. A New Zealand "Christian" "Guide to Smacking." There, that's better.

  • Grounding, giving children 'time out', making them stand in the corner... does not deal with the 'problem of sin in the heart.'
  • If the child is angry after the smack, you have not smacked hard enough.
  • American "Christian" childbeaters have been forced by pesky PC conventions and nosy relatives to refer to it as "chastening," [and to PVC plumber's pipe and other recommended thrashing mechanisms as "chastening instruments."] Nice to see our Kiwi counterparts aren't similarly cowed.

    One thing they do agree on, though: Godless, beating-less Sweden is going to hell.

    Row over Christian [sic] Smacking Manual [stuff.co.nz via boingboing]
    "What does the Bible say about why we need to smack?": The Christian Foundation for Corporal Correction [pdf via familyintegrity.org.nz]
    Related: Spare the quarter-inch plumbing supply line, spoil the child [salon]

    1 Comment

    Producing a pamphlet on the virtues of smacking children into obedience is probably not the way I would want to spend my time. However, if you actually read the thing (yes, I admit to reading it, but only because I'm posting under my real name), and don't get too emotional about the terminology and wacked-out references to "Christianity" (it's actually refreshing to hear someone call a "smack" a "smack," though I never really got comfortable with the term "corporal correction"), I don't really disagree with the actual methods. In fact, my own kids are pretty familiar with many of them. That said, tying the whole thing into religion is way over the top. The author really sets himself up to be compared with religious terrorists when he says stuff like:

    "If the child is angry after the smack (slamming doors, pouting, etc.), you have not
    smacked hard enough, for the foolish rebellion is still there manifesting itself: it has not
    yet been dislodged from the heart. Point this out to the child and give him or her the opportunity
    to get rid of the rest of the rebelliousness himself, for other wise you will have to
    administer another smack."

    My overall take is that if you implement the methods suggested, and laugh at the stuff that is craziness, there is both a lot of good advice and humor in the pamphlet.

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