July 18, 2006

Mrs Beasley Dolls on eBay


By the time my sister was born, Family Affair was off the air, so I have no personal frame of reference for Mrs. Beasley.

Frankly, she seems awful Chucky-like to me, ["You may call me Mrs. Beasley, would you like to play?" vs "Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?"] but suit yourself.

The eBay is the place to go for Mrs. Beasleys, of course. Original wireframe glasses and the original box seem very rare, and are the main source of collectible value. For actual playing, a talking doll in good original condition can easily go for over $200. A non-talking version runs about half that.

Search vintage Mrs. Beasley dolls on eBay [ebay]

update via daddyzine's Garrett: apparently that Mrs. Beasley was one of eBay's killer apps. [theonion.com circa 1999]


Wow. I had no idea. I have a no longer talking one that was my constant companion for a number of years. Time to unload her....

[that's the kind of go-get-em spirit we like around here! -ed.]

i know you must be exhausted from the weird book contest, but this makes me think you should have a new daddytypes contest for weird toys.

There exists already a cautionary tale about bidding on Mrs. Beasley dolls. So consider yourself warned.

[on the bright side, the prices haven't gone up in seven years! -ed.]

That "cautionary tale" is from The Onion, meaning it isn't true. The Onion is basically a parody.

just because something is fictional or a parody does not mean it isn't true.

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