July 18, 2006

Kid Got A Problem With Eggs? "I Love Egg" Will Help Or Hurt.


As if intent on proving that Japan doesn't have a lock on Asian Video Weirdness, some egg loving Koreans created this Flash animated song about, well, loving eggs. If your kid has a problem eating eggs, this cutey cute video full of dancing, Transformer-esque eggs will get them psyched to scramble.

That is, if it doesn't exert some Babe-like power that makes your kid burst into tears at the thought of cracking a single, helpless, anthropomorphized shell. But so what if the longterm effects are uncertain? The song and the short animations online should distract or entertain a child for at least a few minutes. [If any Koreanists can tell what the hell this is/was, I'd be much obliged.]

The Egg Song: "I Love Egg" [goyk.com via dt reader sara]
www.iloveegg.com [www.iloveegg.com. download from the cryptic English page.]


Some friends downloaded all the cartoon episodes onto their laptop to pacify their 1-year-old on a transatlantic flight--he loooves them. If you think the Egg Song is weird, watch some of the cartoons. Some of them are quite violent, actually, with those little tranforming eggs turning into dynamited suicide bombers or something. Yeah, something's lost in the translation. But just try to get that damn song out of your head!

[After posting, I watched a few and was like, "No, that bomb egg will NOT blow himself up, will he??' Yes, he will, but still. They're like Teletubbies, but with bombs and guns. -ed.]

In short, iloveegg is like "Hello Kitty". The company that came up with iloveegg is in branding/character marketing business. They came up with the concept of having various characters that are "eggs", and put them to use in songs, cartoons, books, etc. They market out these characters to other vendors who want to use 'iloveegg' imageries. e.g., key chains, jewlery, t-shirts. :) It's not a promo for Korean Egg Farmers Associate or anyting as such.

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