July 17, 2006

Other Daddies Typing: The Zero Boss Edition

Would you believe that I had this ready days ago, but the server went down just as I was posting it? Actually, I was waiting until Jay "The Zero Boss" Allen came back to the dadblogworld. Now here's a wildly incomplete look at what other dads are typing about these days:

  • The Zero Boss IS back; I wasn't kidding. He's posting his book online, a chapter a week or so: "I wrote this book nearly two years ago, when I assumed that I had learned everything I needed to know about being a good father and a good husband, and could set my experience in stone for the benefit of all those other poor bastards who lacked my wisdom and insight." If you can't guess from the tone, there's more to learn. [thezeroboss]
  • Jay's also posting at The Blogfathers. His first post about potty training challenges could be about any parenting challenge. His advice, roughly: See. The Problem. Be. The Problem. Oh, wait, never mind. You already are the problem. Or something like that. It makes a lot more sense when he tells it. [The Blogfathers]
  • At Dadcentric this week--why, it's Jay Allen! Seriously, if he hadn't already been there, I'd expect the dude to turn up on Blogging Baby next. This time, it's the 10 things that make him man-happy. #1 is Men's Fitness magazine. Hey, wait, weren't you IN Men's Fitness at one point? [dadcentric]
  • Surviving a plane trip is always an occasion to celebrate. Some of Whiffleboy's tips: video iPod, never-before-seen toys, and not losing your cool. [dadcentric]
  • Laid-Off Dad goes to Lake Wobegon, where TwoBert's temperature is above average. He also does a LeahPeah interview, without, alas, talking in the third person ["What Laid-Off Dad really wants is to direct, nome sane?"]
  • How to raise a polite child, Metrodad asks? Me, I'm gonna stop eating Big Macs on the subway. I think I'll let MD's commenters take over from there. [metrodad]
  • Sometimes they type, sometimes they post clips of Kermit the Frog on The Daily Show. weird, meta, funny, but seriously, wtf? [via morediapers]
  • Mr. Big Dubya takes issue with my calling the CR-V a chick car, posting a picture of his CR-V, which is in the garage next to the box for the (very manly) Dyson. So not only does he have a Dyson, he has a place to put the box?? I'd apologize more abjectly, but I've gotta go move my car before 8:00. [mrbigdubya]
  • Dutch is getting ready for the cross-country drive, and he's gotten some great travel tips. All I know is, by the time we got to Cleveland, the inside of our car was plastered with monkey stickers. [sweetjuniper]
  • Suffice it to say that had there been voting, Dutch's remix of Good Dog, Carl as a hobo adventure would've won the Bizarre Children's Book Contest hands down. [sweetjuniper]
  • See? There IS good news coming out of Iraq, albeit from 2003: Thingamababy reports that the troops love the diaper wipes and the ointment. Helps with the camo makeup and the monkey butt, respectively. [smh.com.au, thingamababy]

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